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Omelette Muffins

omelette muffinsSunday mornings are for spoiling the family. Hubby starts the day with a session of squash and by the time he returns around 11 a.m., I have a nice brunch on the table. Today I made these delicious omelette muffins. They keep well for a day or two, so they’re perfect as a quick weekday breakfast, too. In fact, you can even freeze them.
Here’s the recipe. Enjoy.

Linguine with Shrimp

linguine with shrimpPasta and shrimpis one of my favorite dishes. Whether it’s my spaghetti with shrimp and a cream/tomato sauce or my spicy linguine with shrimp, lemon and rocket lettuce. Both dishes are very quick to make and are so tasty that they’re bound to also become a favorite at your house.
I thought I’d share the spicy linguine and shrimp recipe with you first. The other will come later. If you want, do as I did: serve the dish with a nice pinot grigio and play some Italian music to set the mood.


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