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Chicken with Porcini

Chicken porciniEating together as a family has always been a priority. On the rare occasion when hubby has to work late, I make sure to wait with getting dinner on the table. If necessary, I’ll give Kirstie a small snack so she can hold out. But just like family dinnertime is a big deal, so are our Saturday evening dinners for two, at home.  Complete with candles, records and wine. We usually go for simple, good food. A nice steak, hubby’s chicken with tomatoes, maybe a platter of assorted antipasti and some bread. Those Saturday dinners (and a million other things) are why still, after nearly eighteen years, we love each other like crazy.

End-of-the-week Ramblings

food writerFriday again, and a pretty cold and rainy one it is! Whereas a week ago it seemed that fall would never come (geez, I even drank wine at the beach last Sunday!), this week it has definitely started with a vengeance. The heat has been on, t-shirts have been exchanged for sweaters and I’ve had my first eggnog! I was actually telling myself I’d be a good girl and wait until at least Thanksgiving before opening the pack I had in the cupboard, but every time I went in there it just kept calling my name. And so I greedily answered.

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