After two exhilarating weeks in South West France, I returned home on Sunday evening. In the coming posts I’ll show you some of the places we visited, most familiar and some new. Bergerac, for example. A city that feels like home and where we always stop for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Or Saint-Émilion, where we always stock up on the wines we love and try new ones with much interest. But also Lourdes, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.
In today’s post, I want to tell you about one of the liveliest events in Duras, which you might know by now, is the place I will one day call home.
On Thursday evenings from early July until early September starting at 7PM, food stands gather all around the town center, tables are set out and the village comes out for a celebration of food, music and conviviality. There are stands selling roast chicken and ham accompanied by potatoes and garlicky sauce (hubby’s favorite). There’s the best paella on the planet, served with a spicy relish, a wedge of lemon and a tiny bit of attitude. Escargots. Moules frites. Duck. Fresh salads. Cheese and charcuterie. Pizza. Sweets. Wine… Almost everything is freshly made on the spot and utterly delicious. And the best part (aside from watching the sun set over the château) is that after indulging in an amazing feast, you can dance your butt off to live music! It’s one big  party and everyone’s invited!
More information can be found here: Duras Evening Market
See you there!
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