It’s Friday again! In a way, it feels as though the week has rushed by. I still expect to wake up in Duras, start my day with a coffee at Chez Regine and only worry about where to have lunch! But the reality is that I’m back to my usual workaholic mode, full speed ahead! The editing of a magazine is demanding my attention, I’m finishing up one recipe production and getting ready for a new one next week, and I’m polishing up articles for three clients. And that’s just the ‘career’ part of the deal. I would consider looking into a housekeeper to make life easier, but then I’d also need a nanny and a dogsitter! Haha! Only joking. I love playing Martha Stewart and June Cleaver too much. 🙂
But on to the order of the day — this Friday’s French Four! Vineyards! If there’s one thing I always miss terribly when I leave France, it’s the sight of the vineyards. No matter what the season, they are always a beautiful symbol of the hard work that goes into making a good glass of wine. I love them when they are full, lush and bulging with fat grapes in the summer, but  I also love them in the winter in all there bare glory, especially early in the morning when the mist and watery sun create fairytale-like panoramas.
For me, there’s no better way to experience the love and passion that goes into winemaking (besides the actual drinking!) than by revelling in the sight of a marvelously tended vineyard.
Bon week-end!
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