What a wonderfully slow, lazy morning this has been. With a large pot of coffee, I started the day by writing in my journal and listening to my favorite French radio station. I’ve always kept a diary, but in all honesty, my last entry was in late January. So today, I picked up that beautiful little book again (a present from hubby) and wrote down everything I am grateful for — and there’s a lot! So much, that I even welled up with emotions at a certain point. How lucky and blessed we have been, and how I take none of this for granted. I’ve learned to live by the day and enjoy the little things. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but I will always be determined to see the golden halo that crowns each day.
For this week’s ‘French Four’, I have chosen pictures of some of my most enjoyed meals in France. It’s not only the food that makes these pictures memorable, but also the places. Restaurants I keep coming back to. Places that feel like home.
foto (4) foto (9) foto (3) foto (2)

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