I haven’t posted in ages. So much has been happening in this life of mine. Good things but also not-so-good things (like a trip to the ER two days ago after slicing right through my finger with the lid of a can). Life, hey. That’s what they say.
As I type this (with bandaged paw), I still feel a great sense of gratitude. I just had my favorite meal for lunch (Nigella’s pumpkin and chickpea stew), and the Christmas tree is up and shining brightly. Today hubby texted me to say that a project he presented at work was a great hit — how proud I am of that man. And of my teen too, who recently exclaimed she got a very good grade on a math test (she takes after me in her math phobia, poor child, I still have nightmares of being in math class).
The reason I haven’t been blogging much is because I am currently busy translating a very emotional and beautiful book. A book that describes the struggles of a man who doesn’t have much longer to live yet still tries to get the most out of life. The book, a true story, has been very well-received here in the Netherlands, and I am both honored and humbled to be able to take part in the sharing of his life story. Understandably, the project has priority and should be rounded off by the middle of January, so that means weeks of hard work are still ahead. Hard work — emotionally most of all — though in another way, probably also one of the most special assignments I’ve ever been given. I don’t know if I will ever meet this man (my client prefers I didn’t, fearing it would affect me greatly), but he has already become a part of my life. Bear with me if I am not posting here and on social media as much as I would like. I will try to post some recipes again soon.
In the meantime, for those of you in the Netherlands (who happen to love France), the latest issue of En Route has just hit the newsstands with my third culinary column, this time about a product from one of my favorite French regions, Le Sud Ouest. I hope you enjoy reading it. This is really a product that should make its appearance at your holiday table in some way or another.
I sign off for now, ready to get back to work, and glad I made time to fill you in and let you know I haven’t stopped blogging!