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À très bientôt Duras!

Duras France

From the moment I set foot in the beautiful French village of Duras, I fell madly in love. Something magical came over me — as though I had been there in another life. After traveling through many different areas in France (and in the southwest itself), no other place has managed to woo me as the convivial little town I now refer to as ‘my heart’s home’.

Surviving Winter with a Hearty Cassoulet

cassouletThe best way to survive the winter is with a diet of French country dishes that begin with lots of goose fat, carry on with lots of wine and end with lots of laughter. Cassoulet is, of course, one of the most perfect winter dishes. It is warming, delicious and has enough calories to keep you going for at least aweek. If not more.
Now before I give you my recipe, let me remind you once again that this is one of those typical French recipes that can be rather complicated… should you want it to be.