breakfast strataYesterday I decided we were in desperate need of a proper weekend. NO work. Zero. Zilch. The last two weekends were quite full, and our only break was Saturday afternoon. The next two weekends (wait, make that three) will be even busier. Next weekend I have a press event (I’ve been invited to try out a new restaurant, trust me, it’s work) and the one after that I will be in Amsterdam with a designer and photographer who are flying in from London for a special photo shoot (more on that later). Halloween weekend will probably be spent writing about the experiences of the weekend before. Geez, I’m in need of a break just writing this!
Anyhow, back to that ‘proper’ weekend, which to me implies comfort food, good wine and lots of couch time with my dog Pastis. The little rat. You won’t believe what he did yesterday, by the way. He went on a barking fest while I was on the phone conducting an important interview. Have you ever heard the bark of a dachshund? Little dogs, major bark.