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Easy Spring Sides

Yesterday I found beautiful wild sockeye salmon at my local organic shop and immediately decided that’s what we would be having for dinner. What I’m loving about shopping at Ekoplaza (PS: Let me clarify again, NOT sponsored, only my opinion) is that for some reason, I can enter the shop without having planned a single meal and still come home with a whole week’s worth of dinners at a very reasonable price. I’ve tried that before at normal supermarkets and the only thing it leads to is aggravation. I think it has something to do with the selection of products. Ekoplaza is always stocked with interesting, new foods, and choosing is easy because everything is good! I don’t have to spend too much time reading labels, which means I have more time to get creative with weekly meals.
But back to the salmon… and to what I served with it — which is what this post is about.
Sockeye salmon is sustainably caught (not farmed!) and has a deep red color and a firmer, more ‘meaty’ flesh. It is high in Omega-3’s which means it’s great for your heart and a miracle worker for your skin and hair. I like to score the skin with a sharp knife, rub in fleur de sel and mixed pepper and fry in a little olive oil, skin-side down first.
To serve with the salmon, I made two easy seasonal side dishes I’d like to share with you today. Both are so simple that they don’t merit a separate post each.

Organic eating… and an easy quinoa salad

ekoplazaThough I am certainly not that annoying person who won’t go out to eat at a  restaurant unless everything is organic, I have started to feed my family a mostly organic diet. In an ideal world, I would grow everything myself, but knowing there are no pesticides or antibiotics in our food is the next best thing I can do to ensure that what I serve at my table is real nutrition. It feels good knowing that we’re getting all the goodness of whole foods, not poisoning ourselves with obscure (and, in my opinion, unnecessary) chemicals, and contributing to a better, healthier planet.

Brown Rice & Lentils Salad

brown rice & lentil saladIf I told you I served a delicious brown rice salad yesterday, you might give me a rather puzzled look. Perhaps even a look of disbelief. A ‘delicious’ brown rice salad? How can anything with brown rice be delicious? And you know what? I probably wouldn’t blame you.
To be honest, I am also not the biggest fan of brown rice. It can be heavy and taste bland. Too much of a health food and not something I would serve when cooking a special meal. But brown rice can be perfectly palatable if prepared and seasoned well. Like in the salad I am about to share with you.


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