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Sunshine Salad

saladSalads are one of my favorite lunch choices. Most of the time, I make my lunch salads with whatever I have in the fridge. Though to be fair, my fridge is always stocked with fresh organic vegetables and healthy proteins such as pulses and fish.


Organic eating… and an easy quinoa salad

ekoplazaThough I am certainly not that annoying person who won’t go out to eat at a  restaurant unless everything is organic, I have started to feed my family a mostly organic diet. In an ideal world, I would grow everything myself, but knowing there are no pesticides or antibiotics in our food is the next best thing I can do to ensure that what I serve at my table is real nutrition. It feels good knowing that we’re getting all the goodness of whole foods, not poisoning ourselves with obscure (and, in my opinion, unnecessary) chemicals, and contributing to a better, healthier planet.