red velvet cupcakesI haven’t posted in over a week. So much has been happening in my life. From working incredibly hard in order to finish two major articles, to a trip to the emergency room (I am fine now, thank God), to a weekend in Amsterdam for a photo shoot of which the results you’ll see in March. Today has been the first day of ‘normal’ life again.
After turning in one of those major articles this morning, I decided to call it a day, as far as work goes anyway. My garden looked like a jungle, so after lunch I spent a few hours trimming the hedges and sweeping up leaves. The weather was absolutely fabulous which made the work a lot more pleasant. I even did the French windows. Almost ashamed to say I can’t even remember the last time that happened! Anyhow, being active outdoors was quite therapeutic. It even gave me the energy I needed to clean the house and bake cupcakes.
The cupcakes are not my own. They are from a box (Duncan Hines) and the frosting is Pillsbury. I know this stuff hardly qualifies as food, but it sure brings back memories of life in New Jersey. This was the cake mixes we used at home whenever we baked. Easy and very convenient. I seem to remember banana cake was a favorite.
To be perfectly honest, the redness of these red velvet cupcakes makes me somewhat nervous, but it’s an indulgence, and they’re for Halloween, so I’m supposed to be a little scared anyway, no? I think Kirstie will love them when she comes home from school in a few hours.
I am going to try my best to get back on track next week and be here more often. It was a deal I had made with myself, so consider last week an exception. In the meantime, to those celebrating Halloween — Happy Halloween!