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Risotto with Shrimp & Peas


risotto Risotto is always a good idea. Just like pasta, the creamy Italian rice dish is quite versatile. In the colder months, I love risotto with earthy flavors such as mushrooms, pumpkin and sage, and come the spring and summer, lighter variations made with seasonal veggies and seafood have my preference. One of my favorite risottos to make in the springtime is with peas, juicy shrimp and plenty of aromatic dill, freshly chopped and stirred in right at the end.

Spring recipes that are perfect for Easter!

spring easterAfter the long, cold winter months, spring comes with warmth, color and an abundance of culinary delights. This is a wonderful time to spend leisurely mornings wandering around farmers’ markets, soaking up some inspiration along with a much needed dose of Vitamin D! It’s also the season to start planting an edible garden, no matter how small. I don’t have much space, but I do have various pots of herbs I hardly have to tend to. And, I’ve grown courgettes, tomatoes, spring onions, turnips and radishes quite successfully. If I had more of a green thumb (and space!), I would probably plant much more!
The following recipes are a great way to celebrate spring — and perfect for Easter, too.

Gnocchi with Ham, Peas & Shallots

gnocchi with ham and peasWe’re having a bit of a crazy spring here in the Netherlands (what’s new?); some days are warm and sunny — I dare say almost ‘summery’ — while others are gray, cold, windy and rainy. Like today. I bet I’ll need my thick coat when I walk Pastis in a bit. Uggh…
Isn’t it fun to complain about the weather? People say it’s a ‘Dutch thing’. I’m not sure. What I do know is that I never complained about the weather when I lived in the US. Each season in Jersey was as expected, and summers were hot and lasted forever. I know my parents back home, for example, went through a very rough winter this past year (and had enough to complain about!), while here, we were very much spared. But it’s already getting warm there… and I’m envious as heck!