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Good-Bye Summer, Hello Fall

herfst blad fall leaf

I am always a little sad when summer starts to draw to an end and the air gets that noticeable chill that makes you realize it’s time to get the sweaters back down from the attic and put the breezy summer dresses away. While I do like the fall, I am not really very particular about the winter. Cold weather and I just aren’t a good match. But before that real chill starts to set in, there are a lot of things to look forward to as the season starts to change.

Tarte aux Poires

tarte aux poiresIt’s autumn, which means it’s the best time for pumpkins, apples, mushrooms, and of course, pears! This beautiful tart is perfect for any festive celebration and just plain wonderful with a cup of tea after a walk in the forest. Plus, you’ll taste Normandy in every bite courtesy of the subtle cream and a hint of Calvados!