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The French Four: Markets

Bonjour! The sun is out and my spirits are high! It’s truly been a wonderful week full of exciting things. Lots to be grateful for! To celebrate, hubby and I started the week off with a lovely dinner out on Monday. Salmon tartare to start, steak au poivre to follow and crème brûlée to finish; all washed down with a nice bottle of wine.
One of the many things I’m grateful for is our return to Duras in August. For a moment, it seemed like life was getting in the way and we just weren’t going to make it this year. But hubby kept assuring me we would. And he was right. I’m counting the days. In the meantime, there’s plenty to enjoy here. Like making salads for lunch with my homegrown greens, seeing how beautiful the lavender in my garden is, afternoon walks with my Daschund Pastis and my rebel without a cause teenage daughter Kirstie, letting the sun dry my laundry (instead of the noisy dryer)…
But before I get carried away and make this into a very long post, back to the order of the day: this Friday’s ‘French Four’! French markets! Who needs cooking lessons when you have these around! The perfect source of inspiration. Bon week-end!

Le Sud Ouest Market IMG_0140 IMG_0290 IMG_0152