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Roast Chicken & Chickpea Salad

salade met geroosterde kip en kikkererwten

French markets are pure joy for the senses: the dairy stalls with their impressive varieties of cheeses, straight from the farm and one more tempting than the next; the butchers with their thick, rustic hams and sausages enticingly dangling from above; the rainbow displays of fruits and vegetables that mirror the seasons; and of course, the stalls selling a selection of gourmet products such as jams, vinegars, olives and wine.
It’s hard to visit a French market and not leave without a whole lot of inspiration — not to mention a basket nearly bursting at the seams. Cooking and eating well are an art in France, and one of the reasons for that is the availability of excellent products.
I came up with this easy salad recipe after buying a roast chicken at the market in Duras one Monday morning. They are always so hard to resist. You’ll see them slowly roasting on a spit, and with each turn, becoming as succulent and golden as ever. That afternoon, we ate half of it with a side of potatoes (roasted directly under the chickens). Here’s what I did with the leftovers. You won’t need much to serve with this. Except a smooth glass of Merlot, of course.

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