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Flourless Chocolate Cake with Strawberries & Crema di Balsamico

flourless chocolate cake Looking through old files is a good thing. Perhaps somewhat akin to looking through photo albums in the good ol’ days, except that back then, you didn’t shoot 800 plus photos during a one-week vacation, but two rolls of film at most. Every now and then hubby nags me to clean up my files, and sometimes, when I find myself with a little time on my hands, I follow his advice and do just that. I suppose that’s not a bad piece of advice, considering that I can take an almost obscene amount of pictures when shooting food!

Ultieme Tarte Tatin

tarte tatinVoor mij is een goede tarte tatin zoals wij in het Engels zeggen ‘a thing of beauty’: gekaramelliseerde appel, een vleugje kaneel en bros deeg, warm geserveerd met een dikke klodder romige crème fraîche. Ik at mijn eerste tarte tatin jaren geleden in een mooie bistrot in Lyon aan de Rue Mercière, een van de leukste en lekkerste straten van de stad waar je ruim vijftig restaurants kunt vinden. Na die eerste hap was ik verkocht, hopeloos verliefd…
Thuis probeerde ik de Franse appeltaart te maken (hoe moeilijk kon het zijn?), maar keer op keer mislukten mijn pogingen; soms was het deeg te vochtig, andere keren heb ik de karamel verbrand. Enigszins gefrustreerd gaf ik het na een tijdje op. Tarte tatin zou ik alleen in restaurants eten of bij de bakker kopen.


Moelleux au Chocolat

From elaborate tarts glistening with fruit, to a simple serving of fromage blanc topped with a ruby red, fresh berry coulis – nobody does dessert quite like the French do. At least, that’s what most of us are bound to think when we enter a pâtisserie or marvel at a beautiful, sweet creation presented to us at a restaurant. Desserts, especially the French kind, can be intimidating.
But the truth is that some (if not most) are quite easy to recreate at home. Even the impressive desserts that many are too intimidated to try, in fear of a possible culinary disaster. Take the moelleux au chocolat, for example. When I first had this little cake at a restaurant many years ago, I didn’t think much of it – until my spoon tore through the cakey layer and met with a heart of warm, molten chocolate. After that very first bite, I fell in love with the dessert and knew that I had to make it for friends at my next dinner party. The only question was ‘how’.


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