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Moelleux au Chocolat

From elaborate tarts glistening with fruit, to a simple serving of fromage blanc topped with a ruby red, fresh berry coulis – nobody does dessert quite like the French do. At least, that’s what most of us are bound to think when we enter a pâtisserie or marvel at a beautiful, sweet creation presented to us at a restaurant. Desserts, especially the French kind, can be intimidating.
But the truth is that some (if not most) are quite easy to recreate at home. Even the impressive desserts that many are too intimidated to try, in fear of a possible culinary disaster. Take the moelleux au chocolat, for example. When I first had this little cake at a restaurant many years ago, I didn’t think much of it – until my spoon tore through the cakey layer and met with a heart of warm, molten chocolate. After that very first bite, I fell in love with the dessert and knew that I had to make it for friends at my next dinner party. The only question was ‘how’.



browniesWho doesn’t love a good brownie? To me, they’re one of the most delicious chocolate indulgences and are well worth the million calories. Not that I would ever count calories! My favorite recipe calls for good-quality dark chocolate (hey, it’s full of antioxidants, no??), a few handfuls of tangy, dried red fruits and some whole hazelnuts for an added ‘bite’. These babies are intensely dark, fudgy and dangerously delicious.

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