Tomato soupSundays are usually workdays for me. Especially around the time that DUTCH goes to print. Do I mind? Not one bit. As a child, I made my own magazines. The covers were usually made from boxes of crackers that I would tear open, cover with with paper and design myself. Of course, I also wrote all the contents. Even an editor’s letter. These ‘magazines’ soon became little storybooks.
I grew up and considered a few other career paths — fashion designer (I was the fashion editor of my high school newspaper), pyschologist (studied that for two years even) and art historian (I graduated from Leiden University with a degree in Dutch art history from the Golden Age). I was convinced I would end up either teaching or working at a museum. Well, I did teach for a few years, but ultimately, I decided to look at my life and get real. I knew I wanted to be a writer and work in the world of media. But who makes a living as a writer these days? I am happy to say that I do. Working on Sundays is therefore not an issue.
Especially when I have easy recipes such as this one up my sleeve.