It’s Friday which means tomorrow is lunch date day with hubby — something I really look forward to after what can sometimes be a long work week! Like this past one, for example. I pretty much worked until 9PM yesterday researching and writing a rough outline for my upcoming trip to Groningen this Sunday. If you read DUTCH, now you know what’s coming up in our Jan/Feb 2015 travel section! And speaking of DUTCH, the final issue of 2014 went to print earlier this week, and I can’t wait to hold the finished product again. It’s like having a baby every two months! OK, I’m exaggerating a bit, but it is quite exciting to take part in the process of making a magazine from start to finish!
Anyhow, back to that lunch. Not really sure where we will be headed this week. Last weekend we enjoyed an outdoor lunch at the waterside terrace of Graaf Floris V in Muiden. I was actually a little iffy about going there because of some of the bad reviews, but decided to give it a shot anyway. Mainly because of its beautiful location. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed. Only a little stuffed after a mega-huge seafood salad with smoked salmon, Dutch North Sea shrimp, tuna and smoked IJsselmeer eel! The wine and service were pretty decent, too.
Graaf Floris V MuidenThe weeks before, however, we had been hanging out at Paisan in Hilversum, which is seriously a real treat. They have an awesome wine list with plenty of choices by the glass and the food is clean, bright and healthy. The kitchen is Med/Middle-Eastern-style with a good variety of pastas, seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. I also love their appetizer platters. Last time we started by sharing the vegetarian one which had tasty little nibbles such as olives, fried polenta, lusciously dressed veggies, an aubergine roll and cheese.

Paisan HilversumAnother favorite restaurant is Bel Ami in Bussum (surprise, surprise says the Francophile!). I’ve never been disappointed in their exceptional kitchen and service. Again, an excellent wine list and a steak tartare that’s to die for! This summer they had a heavenly pasta vongole which I washed down with champagne. My. God.
Bel Ami BussumBut where to tomorrow?? No idea!
What I do know is that I’m starting the day with a proper stick-to-the-ribs breakfast. I’m a very good girl most of the time, so I especially enjoy the naughty stuff when I do have it! I’m thinking scrambled eggs, bacon and either a stack of pancakes or buttermilk waffles. Sounds good, no?
For now though, there’s still a whole workday ahead of me and a to-do list that includes reviewing a book, writing a calendar of events, working on recipes for a holiday menu in Vriendin (and actually testing part of them later on), cleaning the house, planning menus for next week and attacking my messy closet (or at least attempting to start that horrendous task!).
Have a great weekend!