Welcome to a brand new year! In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t really make resolutions or think that life will suddenly get better once the clock strikes midnight. Much wiser to live mindfully every day and to make each moment count!
So how did I spend the first Saturday of the year? Read on!
After a pain au chocolat and an espressso, I turned up Charlie & Zaz and decided to clean the house. All of the decorations and lights were neatly put away and brought up to the attic. The house suddenly looked so naked! And so clean! I was a little sad before I started but good music got me through it just fine.

home decorI even decided to clean some of the storage space and counters in the kitchen. It was a huge mess. A job which I had been putting off for the longest. It’s all nice and neat now! All the old vinegars and spirits are gone and the little rack next to my kitchen window — notice my dried lavender 😉 — is finally tidy!
home decor kitchenAfter that hearty cleaning session, I got all dolled up and headed out for our first Saturday lunch. I was so happy hubby was feeling a bit better — seems like he caught a terrible cold somewhere.
We stayed close to home and decided to check out Le Baron in Almere. We’ve been there for drinks a few times, but never for a bite. The horrible reviews always scared me off. Luckily, our experience was positive. The service was excellent (the waitresses are SO friendly and bubbly!) and the food was simple, decent Dutch pub fare. I had the schnitzel and hubby went for the spare ribs. I think this will become a fun weekend hangout for us.
schnitzel wineespressoThe afternoon ended with a quick shopping round for dinner tonight. I picked up a new wine for a ridiculously low price, Château La Tonnelle 2011 Bordeaux Superieur. The bottle reads ” Dark garnet with aromas of wood and an intense fruity flavor of blackberry, cassis and cherry.” I’ll tell you my thoughts tomorrow on Instagram.
IMG_4849Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and if you’re going back to work this Monday after a  long Christmas break, chin up — it’ll be spring break before you know it! 😉

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