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If you didn’t notice, last Sunday I skipped my usual ‘Lunch Date’ review. I did go out to lunch with hubby, to Chez Alexander in Almere, but I felt I desperately needed a break from writing. A day to do absolutely nothing (kind of) and just enjoy the newly-decorated house and my family. It felt great. It sounds strange to say I needed a “break” from writing, which is something I love doing and how I earn my living, but believe me, at a certain point, your brain is just fried. Especially when you write about such a broad variety of subjects as I do.

I’m glad I took the day off because when Monday rolled around, four new assignments were waiting for me in my mailbox.
But about Chez Alexander, thank God the company was great and made up for the shitty experience of crap food and ditto service. When we came in, one of the waiters asked what we wanted to drink, then proceeded to go eat behind the bar while leaving us waiting. The owner of the restaurant made up for the young man’s errors, but unfortunately, he could do little to remedy the salty, ill-prepared food.The only bonus points are for the decent wine and chips. If I would write a full review with a rating, I’d give this resto a 2.0. And to think that we actually liked going there in the past. How times (I mean service and food) have changed.
So what else is on my mind these days? A lot. The upcoming trip to Brussels, one of my favorite cities, to celebrate my daughter’s 15th birthday. The Christmas holiday and everything that goes with it, from the cooking and baking to the cozy nights with cheesy movies and the glow of candles and the Christmas tree. The twenty-four recipes I have to write this month (it may not even be winter, but I’ll have to go searching for things like rhubarb!). The restaurant I’ll be visiting this Saturday. The article I have to write on Markthal in Rotterdam. The e-mails I still have to answer. The dog that needs a shower. The teen’s wish list. The laundry that needs folding. How I’m craving an oyster right now and it’s not even nine in the morning. The travel article I have to edit. The recipe proposal I must send in today. The…
You get the picture — and I need coffee.


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