hudson bar almereIf you read my last post, you might remember that I said my next ‘Lunch Date Saturday’ review would be in two weeks. Swamped. That’s what I was (and still am). I really didn’t think I would get around to going out yesterday — 24 recipes to test, remember? But by three in the afternoon, my head was spinning, and I was craving lunch and a glass with the boy.
We ended up going to Hudson Bar & Kitchen in Almere, one of the six branches of the trendy restaurant serving all-American classics such as burgers, fully-loaded hot dogs, spare ribs, bar bites and cocktails. I had visited the restaurant before with friends, both for dinner and for drinks, but never got around to writing a review. Now’s a good time as any!
One of the first things I tried was their grilled rib-eye served with coleslaw, red onion compote, salad and thick-cut chips. I’m a seasoned steak connoisseur and this one passed the test in every way. Good grill taste, good seasoning and a perfect ‘cuisson’. Their Argentinian Malbec — plump, plummy and a little smoky around the edges — also managed to impress my palate. So much so, that I’ve gone back a few more times just for a glass. Exactly my type of wine. Strong, aromatic and not for wussies. Fine piña coladas too, generous on the rum, in other words.
Yesterday, however, hubby and I both went for their chili con carne, served with guacamole, coleslaw, sour cream, tortilla chips and bread. A choice that was not on the lunch menu, but that they kindly agreed to make for us anyway. Good service? Check. Good chili? ticket-hudsonAlso check. Rich, meaty and mellow on the spice. The only thing that was slightly overpowering was the garlic. Tone that down a notch or two and you’ve got a great bowl.
I still have to try their burgers, which are actually what they pride themselves on. The prawn one with lime mayo sounds godly. As does the ‘Mr. Big’: 300 grams of beef with bacon, cheddar, red onion and a fried egg — not a bad name either.
I’ll be popping over again. You’ll find me at one of their tall tables, slurping on a broad chested Malbec and saying to the charming waiter: “Give me a Hudson burger and no one gets hurt.” Now the only question is… which one.




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