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I’m feeling a little guilty. Guilty because there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished, or everything that my heart desires. Nevermind the garden which is full of weeds, or the pantry which is a royal mess. Or even the bookshelves in my attic library which are now unceremoniously crammed with magazines instead of only books.
It’s the fact that I do not have enough time to accomplish the things I really enjoy that sometimes gets to me. Like blogging more, accepting more press invites or making more YouTube videos. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. After all, a day doesn’t go by without me feeling incredibly grateful for being able to live my childhood dream — I am a writer! And not a starving one either!
But sometimes — and that’s a reality everyone with their own company faces — things have to be put on hold. If a client calls with an assignment, I will always try to fit them into my schedule (even if that means working weekends). That’s basically what happened somewhere in the middle of June. Not one major client approached me, but at the same time, I also started working as a journalist for another magazine, and boy were the assignments just pouring in! I am SO incredibly glad that I managed two weeks in France! For a while, I thought I would barely have time to breathe!
But what am I going on about, you ask? Well, my YouTube channel. After a long absence, I am ready to get back in front of the camera and bring you more delicious and easy recipes straight from my kitchen and heart! I did decide, however, to not only focus on French food, but to also include a wide variety of foods and kitchens. So expect everything from Latin American food (can’t forget my roots!) to lots of baked treats, quick snacks, weekday lunches, and foods to keep those kids of ours happy (and healthy)!
I do hope you will join me and subscribe to my channel! See you there??

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