zonnatura wafels

Hey! Welcome to Friday, and if you’re celebrating Halloween (like I am) happy Halloween! Since moving to the Netherlands in 1997, I haven’t missed celebrating one single US holiday yet. Keeping these traditions has nothing to do with fear of missing out on a party or finding a good excuse to cook a festive meal….although. It’s about honoring who I am, and about passing a little bit of that on to my daughter. Hubby has always been a good sport and is very keen on doing things like carving pumpkins or watching crappy scary movies. He’s less keen on me decorating the house in early October, though.
So what else is on my mind today besides making a ghoulish meal tonight? Well, mainly, where we will be headed for lunch tomorrow. I have been checking out a few options (most of them relatively new), but I’m still not quite sure yet. I might also just pop on over to De Foodhallen in Amsterdam (if not tomorrow, soon). However, a review will not be necessary, in my honest opinion. Just do a search on Google and the positivity from other foodies abounds. That it rocks our socks is beyond obvious.
Earlier this week a friend asked me if I get paid to write these reviews, or if I eat for free. No, and no. Yes, I have been paid to write reviews in the past, and sometimes my reviews are based on places that I am invited to visit, but the opinions are solely and completely mine. I don’t announce where I’m going beforehand either, as I don’t want any special treatment whatsoever. And last but not least, I’m not out to make friends. If I think your restaurant bites, I’ll make that obvious. But, again, that’s only my opinion. If you disagree with what I write, I’ll still love you just as much.
One thing I will probably start doing soon is blogging in Dutch again. Not on another blog, like I did in the past, but here. Everything under one roof. I write mostly in English (also on social media) because I feel that by doing so, I can reach a larger audience. But, on the other hand, I like writing in Dutch just as much. Besides the work I’ve published in Dutch for magazines such as Vriendin and Bouillon, I was also having a ball writing restaurant reviews for an old blog in Dutch a few years ago. Curious? Have a look here, here or here.  Perhaps I’ll start by publishing a book review here in the near future. Stay tuned.
Before signing off and going for my pre-lunch walk (damn, is it really almost November and 16C outside??), you might be wondering what’s in the photo above. They’re rice cakes from the organic brand Zonnatura. These are coated with milk chocolate and coconut and ended up in my shopping basket this morning after a mad sugar craving. I wasn’t very hopeful (not a rice cake fan), but these turned out to be pretty good! PS: no one paid me to say that.
Happy weekend and ‘see’ you Sunday!

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