When I signed off my post yesterday, I quickly swiped on some lipstick, fluffed my hair and off we went for dinner. To be very honest, I did not have much of an appetite. In fact, when we got to the restaurant, I was debating whether to order a mineral water instead of wine. Luckily, I came back to my senses, ordered us a carafe of white and proceeded to go for the three course menu (fish terrine, moules frites and Îles flottantes). Hubby had a charcuterie plate, followed by steak with pepper cream sauce and cheese for dessert. Kirstie had mussels, and half of my dessert. We dined at Le Coq Hardi. Cozy place with great service and lovely food.
Le Coq Hardi Le Touquet-Paris-PlageAfter a good night’s sleep, I woke up and made some filter coffee, which was disgusting. Down the drain it went as hubby rescued us by hooking up the Nespresso. I made fried eggs, toasted baguette and prayed that the weather would shape up in time for our market trip. It didn’t. It was gray, cold and wet. The market was the opposite, however.
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage MarketLe Touquet-Paris-Plage’s market is delightful, colorful and smells of the ocean. Good thing that the best part of the market (the food) was covered. I only bought a piece of Maroilles, the regional stink cheese. I’m only here for three days, so I choose to let the restaurants feed me. But who can resist a cheese that is so powerful, it almost walks out of the fridge on its own.
We made a reservation for lunch and drove to our nearest supermarket where I stocked up on the bare necessities.
wine shoppingNote: only the wine is mine.
After a walk on the beach (with no rain!), we headed to À Table. Very nice place again, and the food! My seafood salad was so, so good. I think it had at least five hundred shrimp, as well as mussels, raw herring and samphire. It was washed down with one liter of wine (not kidding, not sorry). I was actually planning on being good and first ordered half a carafe. Then hubby ordered more, telling me to sit back, relax and enjoy. Which I did.
seafood saladThe café gourmand was also lovely. Especially the apple-cinnamon smoothie!
dessertWe enjoyed our lunch so much, that we were one of the last to leave.
IMG_4246Before going back to the apartment (to nap), we went for a walk at the beach and made a round through the city where I picked up a huge tray of strawberries, a bottle of bubbles and some bread for our Easter brunch tomorrow.
IMG_4222That’s my 15-year-old, sporting her new (and way too expensive) red lipstick.
Le Touquet-Paris-PlageAs you see, no more rain to speak of.
Le Touquet-Paris-PlageIt’s been a lovely day so far, despite the messy seaside hairstyles we’re all sporting. When I sign off, I’ll be slapping on some lipstick again and going out for dinner. Hard life. But probably not as hard as that of the gentleman standing in front of the Easter bunny in the photo below. I don’t know what was going on there, but it didn’t look pretty. Just another day in France. See you tomorrow! PS: Read my first post here.
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

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