carrot cake
I love Joey Feek for singing words that flow directly from my heart. Though Joey is no longer here, she made a mark on this world that will never fade: love. Her lyrics and voice touch me, and her philosophy on life is one I can relate to.

She was also a great cook and even ran a quaint, little restaurant with her sister-in-law, Marcy, named Marcy Jo’s. You can find a lot of great recipes there — good, honest food — such as this beautiful carrot cake I baked for Easter. The only thing I did was reduce the sugar, add half whole wheat flour and leave out the raisins as I am not a fan or raisins in carrot cake. The frosting is also a little tweaked (much less sugar and butter, but still lovely).
Family, good food… and love. That’s really all that counts, isn’t it? Happy Easter!

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