Duras, FranceJust a few days after I wrote the last post (almost a month ago!), I received a huge assignment from Vriendin, one of the Dutch magazines I write for — fifty-seven recipes needed to be developed for nine culinary productions, and most of them had to be ready within the space of a month! That is a whole lot of writing, not to mention a whole lot of cooking! Of course, DUTCH was also a priority, and to top it all off, I started working with two new wonderful clients! One of them is giving me the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. I have spoken with some amazing Dutch designers recently and even started to try my hand at fashion writing. (Fun side note here: while in high school, I was the fashion editor of our school newspaper!) So, as you can gather, my schedule has been crazy.
For a while (even before this busy period started), I really thought a vacation was going to be impossible.

In fact, I turned down two very exciting press trips for various reasons. Needless to say, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Luckily that changed and this week we decided to go to Duras (as we had planned) instead of Bourgogne (very long story). I couldn’t be any happier! I love all of France, but Duras has stolen my heart.
So here I am, trying to round off a large chunk of my work before I pack up and leave. At this time next week, I’ll probably be at our hotel in Orléans (hopefully not stuck in traffic around Paris!). That steak-frites and bottle of wine were never so well-deserved! Not just for me, but for the three of us. And then Saturday we’ll be off to our heart’s home. Yes! See you soon Duras!

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