New Year's Eve
It’s December 30th and as I write, it’s still dark, quiet and peaceful. Just me and my cup of coffee in the glow of Christmas lights that will soon be gone. The holidays flew by once again. Two weeks with everyone home seems way too short. I want to keep them here forever, but I know that’s impossible.
We had a wonderful Christmas. Cozy nights with snacks and movies. An abundance of great food. Presents. Warmth. Love. I couldn’t ask for more. Yesterday, however, I felt a sense of sadness tearing through my feelings of gratitude. We had rough moments last year, but faith pulled us through. For us, there was light at the end of the tunnel. That wasn’t the case for a friend who decided life was too much and stepped out on his own accord. Or for another one who was gone suddenly. Way too young and leaving behind a teenage girl, right about my daughter’s age. Watching the year review on TV yesterday also made me very sad. Life can be so beautiful, but humans can be so cruel.
Positivity is what I try to fill my days with most. Never taking a single thing for granted and always looking forward to tomorrow though still trying to live in the moment. My daughter will be 15 tomorrow and although she is a handful right now (hello teenage hormones and rebellion!) I thank God every day for her. And for my husband who is my best friend, soulmate and the best man any woman can wish for. For my crazy dog (ahem, ‘second child’), too. Sappy, sappy words perhaps. Heartfelt words though.
I hope you’ve had a warm Christmas and may the new year bring you health and love.

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